WHERE. We work were the story is – the place, context and environment is often part of the story.

We work locally and globally. The last few years we have filmed in Ethiopia, Eslöv, Botswana, Borås, South Africa, Namibia, Umeå, Luleå, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, China, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

The office is located on Skånegatan 108 in Stockholm.

With Namibian film team and representatives for Sida and WWF Namibia

With Namibian film team and representatives from Sida and WWF Namibia

CONTACT. You are welcome to contact me. We can discuss your next project – how to make your story matter, how to create curiosity, understanding, inspiration and involvement, how to make change. Or just have a cup of coffee and figure out ways to make the world a little better – a little more equal, including and sustainable.

Carl Myrén

Myrén Film AB

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Address: c/o Kråkberget, Skånegatan 108, 116 35 Stockholm, Sweden