Madame Pimpinette, part 5 – A timeworn etui with old memories

”Madame Pimpinette” is a children’s film in five parts, based on Lotta Myrén’s children’s book ”Madame Pimpinette” (BonnierCarlsen, 1990). The film is a black and white silent, with lots of sound, music and color color, shot on Super-8 film, jerky and jittery like Madame Pimpinette herself. Part 5 of 5: ”Ett slitet etui med gamla minnen i” (”A timeworn etui with old memories”). In Swedish. Duration: 6 minutes.

Text and illustrations: Lotta Myrén. Direction: Carl Myrén. Script: Lotta Myrén, Carl Myrén and Kristian Pohl. Cast: Lotta Myrén and Annie Nilsson. Narrator: Ingvar Kjellson. Cinematographer: Kristian Pohl. Music: Carl Myrén. Project manager, SVT Sveriges Television: Sonja Döhre. Production: Myrén Film / Mosebacke Fabrik for Sveriges Television.

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