Our common radioactive waste

”In the service of peaceful progress” (”I det fredliga framåtskridandets tjänst” ) tells the story of how Sweden ended up with thousands of tons of radioactive waste. The film discusses elementary nuclear physics, the atom bomb, the optimism and criticism about nuclear power, the decisions, the breakdowns, and the conditions for handling the waste. The film was produced in 1999 for schools and visitors to SKB’s sites and exhibitions. Short version with English subtitles. Duration: 6.30 minutes.

Director: Carl Myrén. Script editorship: PO Lindberg, Carin Daal, Staffan Ågren, Carl Myrén. Script: Staffan Ågren. Narrator: Hans Villius. Editing, music, post production: Carl Myrén. Archival footage: April Film & Bild and SVT Sveriges Television. Client: SKB, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company. Production: Myrén Film.

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