Development aid through Partner Driven Cooperation

”Partner Driven Cooperation” is a short film produced for the opening of the Sida conference ”Cooperation Drivers”, about development aid through Partner Driven Cooperation projects in seven countries in Africa and Asia. The film opens with solo singing (black picture). Duration: 2 minutes.

Director: Carl Myrén. Cinematography: Bernd Curschmann, Michael van Ryneveld, Decent Ngwemya, Jim George, Gianrigo Marletta, Vincent Baumont, Bao Peng, Carl Myrén. Stills: Carl Myrén. Editing, music, post production: Carl Myrén. Client: Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). Project manager, Sida: Ylva Sahlstrand. Communications Consultancy: Futurniture. Production: Myrén Film.

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